The following album collects all the Roberto Adami’s best shootings. We choose the funniest and most emotional pictures.

Every day we choose something over something else, but for a photographer is really difficult because of the passion in each unique shot.
Every moment during the ceremony is special and so every shot is taken by Roberto Adami when the moment is perfect.
Our work starts by knowing the bride, the groom and their harmony. After this introduction we can show the project for the great day. Create such a high quality shooting isn’t easy and there are many different possibilities. We guarantee HQ photographs and the ultimate cameras.
We believe that a smile and happiness are essentials for an unforgettable wedding.

POST-PRODUCTION (personalised)

To guarantee high quality pictures, we don’t use standard filters but we work on every single picture. Many photographers this that they can reduce the work by using standard filters, but this is a huge mistake. We work on lights, shadows and colours of every photograph. Surely it takes longer but the result is unbelievably emotional.
The photographer tries to work always at his best.

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