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We collected in this album some of our weddings. Our work as wedding photographers makes us live unforgettable moments with the bride and the groom.

Every gesture, every photograph during the ceremony is a product of our every-day and every moment passion. Our work begins days before the event because we try to get to know better the bride, the groom, their desires and needs.

The real and the most important challenge, for us, is to understand their dreams about the future and to get into their world, without ruin their harmony.

Every wedding is a new story, every event is different from the others. The photographer achieves his goal when, both, the guests and the married ones don’t notice his presence and his ability to freeze every unique moment in a picture.

We create the shooting by trying to catch the real emotions and only by doing this we can guarantee you a high quality product. The album is the only thing that remains forever and make it great is the most important thing for us. YOU are the protagonist and with the guest go back to that incredible forever moment.


Thanks to our exclusive service, all of your guest can access to the private area to see, download and print the picture they want. It’s an extra service that allows everyone (present at the event) to see all the pictures of that beautiful moment. Our mission is to create a high quality product and the emotion everyone gets when they see picture from the past. Our mission is tu give you emotions that in the future will be priceless. This is Roberto Adami wedding photographer’s mission.

Be a wedding photographer is a passion that comes from inside.

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“My goal is you.”

“They always made fun of my books with images and now I am here.”

“I never know when I’m going to shot, I just tend to anticipate the incoming moment.”

“While I shot I lose myself, I get in this “nowhere” place where time doesn’t exist but I have the pictures.”


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