The wedding photographer has a goal and it’s to be always searching for the best shot. Using the best cameras to catch the moment is imperative to get emotional and successful photographs. Photograph is like an adventure, it must be lived and shared.

Wedding photography is one photography’s types that includes different styles in it, like story-telling, shooting, emotional, still-life and street style.

During the weeding day people are surrounded by an atmosphere of happiness and party, from the moment they wake up to the arrival in church, from the ceremony to the reception, where food, alcohol and music lead to the real party. The photographers have the privilege to live this atmosphere through the day, by staying close to the bride and the groom, and to tell their story. Photographs remain in time and have the power to bring the memory back to that moment and make it live again. It’s very important to leave this huge responsibility to a professional photographer, who knows how to put the couple at ease and how to give them high quality shots. Between all the thing that surround the wedding day, only the photographs remain also the day after. After the party and the honeymoon the love of the couple and their projects endure, but of that day, only the photographs are forever. We, wedding photographers, search the best shots to give emotions and seize the moment. We guarantee a high quality shooting with the newest cameras and other tools like drones. We work post-shooting every single pictures with modern computer programs to guarantee the bride and the groom the photographs they expected.

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