We live in a fast and chaotic world where the emotional photography catch and freeze moments that would be lost during our everyday life. We like to play and we like to give our costumers the feeling of being unique during the shooting because that’s what you are, unique and extraordinary. Our goal is to underline it.

Shooting is about pictures, but for us is about emotions.

Taking pictures of the parents’ joy for the baby who’s coming, a model and her dreams, a product or a headquarters, the intensity we use is the same. Product and companies are subject of emotional shooting too as the actualisation of men’s dreams.

Emotions is one of our key words and it comes from heart to develop in all these different situations. This is what we do, we capture them.

Our first step is to understand what our costumers want. This is essential to define how you want your final result to look like and to give us a chance to frame the work before the realisation of the shooting.


To achieve our final goal (high quality emotional photographs) we work with the last generation tools, computer programs, vanguard cameras, drones and individual post production. We really believe in the power of individual post production. After the shooting the post production process to finalise the work must be done. We retouch the pictures without alter them. This is what diversify us from the rest of the shooting world. They usually use standard filters, but we did the radical choice to work with every single shot. We commit the right time to each photo to make it unforgettable.

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“L’obiettivo per me siete Voi.”

“They always made fun of my books with images and now I am here.”

“I never know when I’m going to shot, I just tend to anticipate the incoming moment.”

“While I shot I lose myself, I get in this “nowhere“ place where time doesn’t exist but I have the pictures.”